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Samuel J. Gillis is a classically trained painter who studied at The Atelier Alternative, The School of the Art Institute and Indiana University. Gillis is a prolific artist whose work has been featured in museums and exhibitions around the world including the John G. Shedd Aquarium and River East Art Center. As well, his paintings are part of international collections and have been featured in television, movies and publications nationwide.

Sam Paints Black Betty

Here Come The Irish

SWARM – art knows no boundaries

American Contemporary Art Gallery ‘Swarm’ – a unique private project, which is based in Chicago and lead active in the vast internet-space. The founder of the gallery Samuel Gillis based gallery activities put his credo: “the artist can be one.” As part of its Samuel helps artists from around the world to form a portfolio and prepare for international exhibitions. His motto gallerist did the words of Pablo Picasso “Every child – the artist. The difficulty is to remain an artist coming out of childhood. ” The collection of the gallery began to form in 2010. Today it is the world’s only replenished Collection of Fine Arts, specializing in the fine arts of young talented artists who do not have special education and the Internet open to the public. The main objective of the gallery – to discover and support talented artists presenting their work the widest possible audience. To date, the collection Samuel Gillis has more than 1,000 paintings and drawings, the collection shows the evolution of the US art schools, starting from the XX century. The permanent exhibition gallery is updated regularly…

About Gallery Swarm Salon. Established in 2010 by noted painter Samuel Gillis and his now wife Glendy X. Mattalia, Gallery Swarm is about the way a unique gallery can innovate its form and function. Also, Gallery Swarm is about one guiding principle: anyone can be an artist. Founder Sam Gillis, wife and our  “swarm” have long believed that many an artistic genius has had his ember of creativity put out before it can blaze in all its glory because of judgment.

From supporting budding artists in their first creative attempts to helping emerging Chicago artists, Artists from around the United States and Artists Abroad build their portfolio and getting them ready for their first shows to exhibiting master painters at the height of their careers, Gallery Swarm seeks to give artists in all phases a refuge to call home.

Like chameleon Gillis a Chicago artist and Mattalia a celebrated writer have opened their arms to nurture creatives from around the world. Sam, known for his ability to paint with exquisite mastery in virtually any style or technique. Glendy on the other hand is a master of pen and paper able to twine words into written works of art. The Swarm (as it’s been dubbed) hosts a wide range of art and artists that embrace many different styles and techniques. As well, this contemporary space, that boasts 10 times the space of most galleries hosts an intimate private studio where members of the Swarm can paint and lends itself to many other art forms that have sought out to be a part of the Swarm. As such, our space has featured many events focused on a myriad of disciplines as well as the social, networking and business side of art…

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